I'm Albert. A Developer Making the Web a Better Place.

Years of excellence in software development got me working on extraordinary projects. My portfolio consists of contributions to Airport Management Software used in dozens of airports worldwide and designing frontend architecture of the world’s biggest bank internal home page.


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UI/UX Audit

Detail driven approach and extensive software development experience allows me to efficiently audit websites / mobile apps and give constructive and detailed feedback on potential improvements.

Performance Audit

Using tested benchmarking solutions, I’m able to properly assess the performance of a Front End application. 

UI Audit

Years of attention to detail and perfectionism in creating User Interfaces allowed me to spot the slightest issues with UI.

UX Audit

I know what simple, user friendly and easily accessible mean.

Clean code

I write readable and easily extendible code.

enterprise ready

Having experienced working in organizations as big as 40k employees, I know what enterprise modularity means.

quality UI

My work is as beautiful in code consumed by Developers as it is in its UI form consumed by the Users.

App Development

Need help with your project? Let’s check whether I’m currently available. I’m an expert in Angular, but have experience with all major Front End technologies.

About Me

Hello there! I’ve been building websites for the past 8 years

I’ve been a part of multiple projects ranging from simple websites to complex systems integration in the banking industry. I specialise in financial domain, yet also have experience in aviation. My suggestions as an external consultant were implemented in a number of platforms across several fields.

  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • SEO & Social


  • Web Development
  • Generic solutions
  • Working with business and designers
  • Suggesting sensible improvements
  • Prioritizing work
  • UX, UI, and performance improvements


  • Artistic education in Poland and Netherlands
  • Self taught web-dev and business skills
  • Bachelor in Computer Science


  • Leadership roles in a number of institutions
  • Suggestions implemented in major banks
  • Features added in gaming and ed-tech industry

Worked with Albert for many months on our UI, with me acting as a Product Owner/Technical oversight. In that time, I found him to be a consummate professional and dedicated to the art of Software Engineering. Always looking to learn, to grow, and expand his mastery over not just a specific framework, but modes of thinking and software architecture. Excellent at working with UI/UX design through technical challenges, proposing alternatives and compromises to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome that still allows for growth and refinement.

Johnathan Raymond

Director Systems Software, cPacket Networks

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